photo  Toshiyuki YANO (Nacasa & Partners Inc.,)

10 houses

Social housing

This is a plan for a municipal housing complex located in the suburbs of Oita City. The project is an attempt to establish a population in a small population area of Oita City by planning a housing complex with a good environment for raising children adjacent to an elementary school. The project site is located in a hilly area with a beautiful view, surrounded by rice fields and woodland, and we were required to build 10 wooden houses with a floor space of about 80㎡.

Considering the connection with the surrounding rich environment and the continuity with the existing landscape, the theme of the project was how to plan the space between each dwelling. In this sense, rather than increasing the number of variations in the plan, I tried to create a whole with as few variations as possible and their repetition, aiming for the building and the outdoor environment to be planned with the same weight.

The units are arranged at different angles to create continuity with the naturally occurring layout of the surrounding village, to control the line of sight between the units, and to create a park-like common space throughout the site by creating irregular gaps between the units. Creating a park was included in the conditions of the project, but we intended to make the whole to be like a park by scattering the spaces throughout the site rather than creating them all at once. In addition, a promenade around the entire site was created to allow people to interact with the local residents. In order to unify the components of the building, the sashes of the same shape are arranged at different heights depending on the use of the windows, so that it is difficult to tell which is the living room or the bedroom.

What I was thinking about throughout the plan was to keep the community of ten buildings from being closed within these ten buildings. Specifically, we wanted to create the possibility of building a community through everywhere of the site without a central park, plaza, or meeting place. It was also important not to close the relationship with the surrounding rice fields, woodland, and villages. I believe that this kind of community is one of the possibilities left in public housing today.