photo Toshiyuki YANO (Nacasa & Partners Inc.,)



Variegated, rich space by monotonous repetition

It was a small-scale studio apartment of 3 stories constructed about 30 years ago. The building has 12 rooms in total, and each floor is 4 rooms. The whole was converted to the building where various usages such as offices and galleries and dwellings existed together. It is located at the urban center, and there is only a little space between this building and the next building. First of all, the environment in the site is improved as the veranda and eaves are removed, and a natural lighting and ventilation are secured. Only a concrete structure was left, and all other interior materials and equipment were removed. And, a part of concrete wall was cut out, and all rooms in the same floor were enabled to pass freely.

The form of the housing complex where the same size room is consecutive is caught with the one that is monotonous and not interesting if it sees from one side. However, we tried not to change the monotonous “Combination of 12 rooms and 2 stairs”, and to change it into the spaces that can flexibly correspond to various conditions (change in usage and necessary area etc.).

A rough carving mark remained on the wall where the interior material had been stripped off. And, it is seen on the way of the sculpture. We welcomed this wall design that had arisen without any relation to the intention of the design. To give the feature to a monotonous, inorganic space. To emphasize the characteristic of primordial form more, the inside and outside was painted pure white,only arranging the minimum because of satisfying the function was set up. We think that this space can be transformed while only following to the situation that will change from now on by beginning only this.