Architectural exhibition “Scenery of 1/30”

photo Toshiyuki Yano (Nacasa & Partners Inc.,)

Architectural exhibition
“Scenery of 1/30”

Oita-shi Art plaza

This is a plan for an architectural exhibition at the Art Hall of the Oita City Art Plaza (former prefectural library, designed by Arata Isozaki). 22Mx24M, 520㎡ exhibition room, I tried to create an imaginary cityscape by arranging 21 projects of Shiotsuka Atelier and their 1/30 scale models.

One of the features of this exhibition room is that three of the walls are glass, allowing visitors to see the outdoor scenery. I wanted to create an exhibition that would draw out the appeal of this connection between the outside scenery and the exhibition room and its exhibits. Therefore, I decided to create an imaginary cityscape in the entire exhibition room by placing the model directly on the floor and considering the floor of the exhibition room as the ground surface, as a way of exhibiting without blocking the outside scenery with movable panels or display stands. The models were placed in accordance with the orientation of the exhibition room (i.e. reality), and the streetscape was created by extension the actual roads that bordered the site of each project as they were. The buildings were arranged in such a way that the extended roads would be well connected to form a single streetscape, and that there would be adequate space for visitors to move around without stress.

By walking around the entire exhibition space, visitors can experience the art gallery space itself and superimpose the real outdoor landscape with the imaginary landscape created by the 1/30 scale model. As their physical senses and consciousness diverged and combined, I wanted them to feel the atmosphere and new ways of looking at the building we created, away from their everyday experience of space for a moment.