Kikuchi pocket park

photo Toshiyuki Yano

Kikuchi pocket park

Kikuchi city, Kumamoto, Japan


The parks make the town hang together

In this project, three parks are planed in the city area which has old streets. Visitors walk around the parks, thereby making a new stream of people. In the site A, people walk around the three basins. In the site B, walk along the banks of pipes. And in the site C, the object like a tree is in the center of movement. Each site makes own movement. People experience a new activity never get in the previous town. As a result, new range of scene is created in the whole town.

Site A

It is water park using agricultural waterway. The motif of three basins is scenery of the puddles where water collected naturally in the ground which became hollow. Pavement where white stone is spread. Public lavatory, bench, and shelter suggest stone and rock. These are like the relation between white sand and the stone of a Japanese rock garden. It is appearance of primitive scenery.

Site B

This site is a corner plot of the intersection. The theme of this park is a flow and an exchange of the person. “Bank” that bends the pipe and piles it up forms a foot bath, a public lavatory, and the bench, etc. These become person’s movement and guide of the activity. And, It pictures the design such as the whirlpool in the whole site.

Site C

This park, located in the front yard of the shrine, is in a historic preservation district. This park has these functions – a washroom, a space for votive sumo wrestling, and a foot bath . It also realizes the character of the place by providing the object like the “sacred tree” in front of the shrine that have an affinity with the landscape of the district.