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Concept presentation

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Aki Co., Ltd.

Aki Co., Ltd. is the two designers' partnership company. They are creating knitwear and the torso made from corrugated paper, and their products are individual designs.

It is a place contiguous to a traditional village. A site belongs to the dry riverbed near the sea. The character as "Domain where person lives" exists in the place where the community is already materialized. But the river site reclaimed and made. Land with a cleared surface where an artificial image is felt has extended there. We decided to build a domain (like the yard) in a building.

The torso factory of 254m2, the knitwear atelier of 133m2, and the residence of 133m2, coexists in this building. The client hoped the atelier and the house were adjacent. To avoid the noise when the cardboard was cut, the factory separated from other parts. It became shape that the building of the same size divides into two sections from the center part thus. The arrangement of the angle of 60 arose from the idea that it wanted to manage it as a place that had been opened though the area completely shut as a courtyard was not made but the area was made for the village and the visitor of the circumference.

Design of building where their creativity is not obstructed. It must cause their creativity, and their creativity must appeal to others. Decorated design was unnecessary for them. The large, functional space made from a beautiful size and material ware necessary. We derived the design of the building by such a rule. Do not refer to their products as an immediate design motif. It doesn't make it to the remarkable one rivaled to the design of their. However, it is assumed the design to make their activities felt.

The shape of a gable roof and translucent FRP board with which the outside is covered are the one that those ideas are mediated. It is a form of a general house and a small factory. The entire the general form frame is covered with a translucent FRP board. The part where the inner wall was pasted exists together to the part like the FRP board on the indoor side by a functional demand. Solid shape appears clearly in daytime. The part where the inner wall is not pasted comes to the surface as a pattern according to the indoor light when it becomes a night. An expression different from daytime appears. We thought that we were going to give the sense of existence according to such a difference.

The rule of the indoor design, it is an idea of having basically delimited it to a big space of the bout if necessary by the one like furniture. The frame appears almost the indoor like the character of the factory. Partition wall and small room while it is vertically inserted in long and slender space, they are made as a solid box.

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