atu house


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atu photo Kaori Ichikawa

atu house

It is on the boundary that changes from the housing lot to the forest there, and tier stand geographical features where a small waterway centers. The surrounding of the site is enclosed by the tree. Weak sunlight that passes tree, feelings good of exterior where dense forest makes it feel, We thought that we wanted to use these as they were as a production material in the interior.

The three directions of a building are used as a glass window, The color of surrounding trees is projected, and according to the outdoor weather or progress of time, expression changes every moment. A glass window holds down the height from a floor to about 1.8m, and it was made not to put in light beyond necessity. The template glass of a haze pattern abstracts scenery to a green mosaic pattern. In order that surrounding green might sink into the whole interior of a room, the indoor materials and furniture other than glass were made white.

A client and we decided to choose to secure bigger space than fixtures with high finish material and completeness. The space where a ceiling is high is effective in order to feel the site environment of the shape of a tiered stand for dolls with a height difference indoors. A middle floor is prepared in order to project the color of indoor ventilation and trees indoors. The circular light of a ceiling arranges that from which a size differs so that it may look at random. It is the same as the character of the motion of indoor environment which changes every moment. The outer wall stuck the wave-like white steel plate.The color of a sky and trees are reflected on the surface of a building.

"ATU" is the name of the daughter of this house. Why did we project surrounding scenery indoors in this way? That is because she has a physical disability and she is able to go for herself to the outdoors. The client had hope "all families were the big space wrapped in the green in woods, and wanted to enjoy themselves together." It was realized.

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