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ultramarine house

ultramarine house

photo Toshiyuki Yano (Nacasa & Partners Inc.,)


・Usage and function of each room as house.
・Site situation and environment in surrounding.
ブarious hope from client.
These are existence with relations mutually in making one building. However, it can be said that of each is independent as an individual thing. And, they have infinite choices. Moreover, if a certain matter is penetrated and analyzed deeply, we notice a lot of things are contained in reality though it looks simple on the surface.

It can be said the architect's work is to make the rule while carefully understanding these various requirements, to assemble them as one building.

We adopted such a rule this time.
ピo match a complex requirement to architect's concept, it is not transformed.
ピhey are collected in the cube in 7.7m×7.7m and 2 layers.
ピhose variegated requirements are shown by a variegated expression.
One of the results of this rule is "blue wall of outside ". "Blue" is a color that the client likes. We decided that we made the wall blue. In addition, it is a set that is not monochrome blue but variegated blue. "Blue" is not one. It is classified from "Blue green" to "Blue purple" into "Blue". We perceive those compounds , saying that "Blue". A sky and surrounding scenery are sets of a lot of colors. This wall seemingly looks colorful. However, it doesn't feel the sense of incompatibility if it looks at partially of scenery.

The space composition of the first floor and the second floor is greatly different. The first floor is one room. We put the box on the center part in the room. This is irrelevant to the structure. It is divided by this box as a kitchen and living room at the floor level. It is a big space connected at the ceiling level. (This is the same as the relation between the site and the building. Boxed building is put on the center part on the site enclosed by the house and the road. Remaining all sides become gardens of the divided different character. )

A lot of small rooms have gathered in the second floor. In each room, it becomes independent mutually, and the carpet of the floor is a color as it is shown different in each room.

The room of the glass made on boxed a residence part is the one in this house like accessories. (The usage is laundry dryness room, and view room.) Through this room, the sun light is indoors delivered in daytime, and the indoor light is leaked outside at night.

Various space compositions, materials, and the colors cohabit in this small house. We might have made one of the miniatures in this world.

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