photo by Toshiyuki Yano

SJ bldg.

Location: Saiki City, Oita
Structural design:
Hirohide TAO
Lot size: 158 mq
Start of work:
September 2014
Completion of work:
March 2018
Structure in: RC construction

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As an intersection of living and opening

This is an RC three-story complex building in the city of the castle town. The site was located at the Intersection entering the shrine approach from the main road, and where, in the old days, a liquor store was run serving sake to worshipers at the special events. So, the site was deeply linked to the local community. The building is structured like a three-dimensional townhouse in which a wine shop on a ground floor, a grandmother's house, a canteen, and the owner's house are spirally stacked along a slope. Each can be regarded as an independent space that is not connected as a use, but since these are organically connected, and the lives of residents are realized with that, the whole can be regarded as one house. The wine shop take over the relationship with the local community, and then elderly people who visit nearby hospitals can stop by the cafeteria. We aimed at an architecture that can form an open relationship naturally. There are no steps inside the building, and each room is approached from an outdoor slope. As you climb the spiral, you can feel the scenery of the castle town in various directions and heights on a daily basis. This change in height brings changes in the floor height and ceiling height of the interior space, and rooms with various expressions appear with opening to the surrounding environment through the slope. The building is connected to four streets, including an alley between adjacent buildings, and the slope forms a relationship with each street as an extension of the shrine approach and alley. This slope, which can be said to be a three-dimensional alley, allows elderly people to go to the adjacent hospital to drop in on their own, and also has a function to respond to evacuation in the tsunami expected by the Nankai Trough earthquake.

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